Author Thakur Ranjit Singh
Thakur Ranjit Singh is an Auckland, New Zealand based Writer & Human Rights Activist,  Chief Editor – Indian Weekender (Auckland).  Mr Singh is a third generation descendant of Girmitiya (indentured labourer) Bansi.  He was a the former Executive of Carpenter Group of Companies in Fiji, National Bank of Fiji, former Publisher of Fiji’s daily newspaper, The Daily Post, and former Director Administration and Operations of Suva City Council, Fiji.  Mr Singh is a political commentator and a columnist who writes on various social, cultural, political and religious issues for papers in Brisbane, Sacramento, Fiji and New Zealand.  He has been an inspirational public figure whose work has been greatly appreciated and acknowledged by many.  I dont have enough words to convey my gratitude towards Mr Singh for the encouragement, guidance and contribution towards this website.  

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