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Author Thakur Ranjit Singh
Thakur Ranjit Singh is an Auckland, New Zealand basedWriter & Human Rights Activist, Chief Editor – Indian Weekender (Auckland). Mr Singh is a third generation descendant of Girmitiya (indentured labourer) Bansi. He was a the former Executive of Carpenter Group of Companies in Fiji, National Bank of Fiji, former Publisher of Fiji’s daily newspaper, The Daily Post, and former Director Administration and Operations of Suva City Council, Fiji. Mr Singh is a political commentator and a columnist who writes on various social, cultural, political and religious issues for papers in Brisbane, Sacramento, Fiji and New Zealand.Hehas been an inspirational public figure whose work has been greatly appreciated and acknowledged by many. I dont have enough words to convey my gratitude towards Mr Singh for theencouragement, guidance and contribution towards this website.

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Author Dr Satish Rai
Dr Satish Rai is Sydney based academic, film/tv producer, journalist and community development worker. He was born in Fiji where he received his primary, secondary and part of his tertiary education (University of South Pacific & Fiji School of Medicine. He migrated to UK in 1980 and after working as a Metropolitan police officer for five years, (1982-1987) he retired to complete his BA (Hons) degree in Sociology, majoring in race equality issues. He became a politician (elected councillor in London Borough of Greenwich, 1990-94), and a community development officer; becoming a Principal Race Equality Officer for a London Borough Council. I also substantially completed MA degree in Social Policy and Administration the Goldsmiths College, University of London. He migrated to Australia in 1995 and completed his MA degree in Communication and Cultural Studies at University of Western Sydney in 1997. In 2011, he completed a profession Doctor of Creative Arts degree (in film production) from the same university. This involved making a documentary drama based hisresearch thesis, which was on exile of the the Indian girmitiyas in Fiji.Dr Rai’s had made a film based on his research –In Exile at Home – A Fiji Indian Story
Author Dr Kamlesh Sharma
DrKamlesh Sharma is a Canberra based,Lawyer, Published Author, and Historian. His books include “Rahul’s Road: Memories Of A Fijian Childhood”; “Ghulami: Slavery In Fiji”. Dr Sharma setupKPS Publicationswhich aims to assist new and new and aspiring writers to publish their work. Dr Sharma contribution to this websitewith his articles provides our viewers the much needed information should they need to discover their roots. I am grateful to Dr Sharma for sponsoring this site (girmitunited) for an year.
Author Professory Brij Lal
Professor Brij Lal istheFounding Director of The Centre for the Contemporary Pacific at theAustralian National University (ANU). Convenor, Division of Pacific and Asian History and former Chair of Faculty, Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies. Deputy Director of the School of Culture, History and Language at the ANU. Professor Lal’s research interests extend to,Culture and History of the Indian Diaspora;comparative colonialism and constitutionalism; Fiction, Faction and History Writing; andAsian diaspora. I would like to thank Professor Lal for allowing me to use excerpts from his books and articles.