The following screenshots are part of the BBC Documentary: Coolies:  How British Reinvented Slavery.

During the making of this documentary, Professor Brij Lal, spoke to one of the last Girmitiyas survivors, who is now sadly deceased.  I was fortunate enough to meet this person in 1997 in Sigatoka Fiji.



“We used to cook and eat in a hurry – how can you eat anything so early in the morning?  We would pack roti in the bag and eat in the fields.”


“We used to work all day.  At 3’o clock in the morning the man on the horseback used to come…. He would shout “Get up, get up.  Its light now, time for work””.


“Are you kidding !  The white men used to kick us and beat us with whips”  “Get on with your work,” they said.  “This is your AGREEMENT”.