The National Archives of Fiji is in the process of compiling the list of names of the Indentured Labourers (Girmitiyas) who arrived in Fiji under the System of Indenture.  This list comprises of:

  1. Girmitiya’s name
  2. Girmitiya’s father’s name
  3. Arrival ship name
  4. Emigration pass number

This is extremely valuable and precious data, and help you to trace and verify your heritage,

This resource is under development and currently runs between A – M.

Its available in two formats :

Via this website – where visitors are able to search and filter the list of name and sort using the relevant header.

Via National Archives of Fiji Website – Index of A – M – PDF format – available via the National Archives of Fiji website.

A total of 60,538 people crossed the seas on a journey lasting 3 months over a period of 37 years.This resource is our Right to Information. This information acts as evidence of our forebears travel from India to Fiji. 

My sincere gratitude to the National Archives of Fiji for recognizing the importance of making this resource available to us as this will enrich many families hearts with this simple piece of cherished information.    My thanks to the many people whose persistence has finally paid off – thank you for embarking on this journey with me since 2006.

These records continue to be of immense informational value, for descendants of the original laborers who are trying to establish or verify their heritage.



National Archives of Fiji