Free Immigrants

From the early 1900s, Indians started arriving in Fiji as free agents. Many of these paid their own way and had previously served in Fiji or other British colonies or had been born in Fiji. Amongst the early free migrants, there were religious teachers, missionaries and at least one lawyer. The government and other employers brought clerks, policemen, artisans, gardeners, experienced agricultural workers, a doctor and a school teacher. Punjabi farmers and Gujarati craftsmen also paid their own way to Fiji and in later year years formed an influential minority amongst the Fiji Indians.

List of Ship Charters 

Name of ShipDate of DepartureCalcutta DeparturesMadras DeparturesTotal Departures
British Peer3 May 1892260M 111W 35B 43G 15I 464Tn/a464
Hereford25 June 189224Tn/a24
Moy28 April 1893317M 133F 34B 31G 17I 529Tn/a529
Ems5 May 1894312M 148F 38B 42G 36I 576Tn/a576
Hereford16 July 1894277M 125F 41B 28G 21I 447Tn/a447
Virawa14 May 1895347M 147F 38B 40G 36I 608Tn/a608
Erne14 May 1896371M 170F 55B 50G 29I 675Tn/a675
Moy15 June 1898273M 65F 25B 19G 13I 393Tn/a393
Avon10 August 1899213M 66F 20B 15G 14I 328Tn/a328
Ganges12 September 189924M 5F 2B 2G 33Tn/a33
Elbe23-Jul-00245M 87F 28B 31G 14I 405Tn/a405
S.S Fazilka02-Jul-01298M 107F 45B 44G 33I 515Tn/a515
S.S Fazilka05-Jul-02291M 90F 44B 41G 13I 479Tn/a479
Arno15-Sep-03325M 114F 63B 52G 25I 549Tn/a549
Arno19-Aug-04211M 91F 34B 37G 20I 366Tn/a366
S.S Virawa26-Jul-05193M 64W 31B 36G 17I 341Tn/a341
S.S Fazilka01-May-06221M 71F 13B 12G 4I 321Tn/a321
S.S Fazilka10-Feb-07316M 96W 56B 42G 23I 533T34M 21F 4B 1G 3I 63T596
S.S Fazilka01-May-0715M 8F 2G 1I 26T14M 6F 1G 21T47
S.S Sangola30-Mar-08363M 115F 42B 60G 26I 606T51M 24F 6B 3G 3I 87T693
S.S Sangola11-Feb-09247M 59F 18B 24G 12I 60T30M 15F 1B 3G 5I 54T114
S.S Sangola16-Mar-10245M 63F 18B 14G 8I 351T12M 6F 1B 1G 20T371
S.S Santhia30-Apr-1014M 4F 18T13M 5F 1B 3G 1I 23T41
S.S Sutlej08-Jul-11408M 78F 30B 21G 9I 545T66M 24F 7B 2G 3I 102T647
S.S Sutlej07-Oct-1134M 12F 2B 2G 3I 53T3M 4F 1G 8T61
S.S Sutlej09-May-12383M 108F 47B 59G 20I 616T54M 34F 7B 6G 2I 103T719
S.S Ganges28-Feb-13681T126T807
S.S Chenab08-Mar-14675T264T801
S.S Chenab22-Jun-14321T33T354
S.S Mutlah13-May-15473T95T568
S.S Chenab06-Sep-16486242T728
Ganges I07-Jun-20844T303T1,147
Ganges II30-Aug-201046T82T1,128
S.S Ganges12-Nov-20892T239T1,131
S.S Torilla18-Dec-201134T105T1,239
S.S Ganges12-Feb-211444T149T1,593
S.S Ganges24-May-211000T214T1214
S.S Ganges07-Jun-20695T241T936
S.S Ganges12-Nov-20799T166T965
S.S Torilla18-Dec-201808T93T1,901
S.S Chenab22-Nov-21739T249T988
S.S Ganges31-Jan-27528Tn/a528
S.S Sutlej21-Apr-28530T442T972
S.S Sutlej08-Jul-29365T286T651
S.S Sutlej16-Mar-30346T305T651
S.S Ganges07-Sep-31103T171T274
S.S Ganges22-Aug-3478T45T123
S.S Elephanta14-Nov-3582T80T162
S.S Ganges24-Dec-36105T66T171
S.S Ganges21-Apr-38109T86T195
S.S Ganges20-Sep-3956T65T121
M.V Orna03-Aug-47106T52T158
S.S Selma13-May-4512T7T19
M.V Orna05-Mar-4829T32T61
M.V Orna18-Aug-4870T50T120
M.V Orna08-Jul-4995T47T142

M – Men, W – Women, B – Boys, G – Girls, I – Infants, T – Total

List of ship charters – Fiji to Sydney

Name of ShipFlight Departure DateNumber of Departures
Strathmore25-Jul-5525 T
Stratheden29-Nov-5568 T
Strathnaver24-Jul-5612 T


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